For the serious self-starter, there is absolutely no better place than the University of Georgia. The UGA Entrepreneurship Program, housed in the Terry College of Business, provides a unique and comprehensive academic program that encompasses experiential learning and equips students with the tools and resources to pursue their own start-up venture.

Our Mission

We strive to infuse and refine an entrepreneurial mindset in our students through transformational experiences and comprehensive academic courses.

Three Pillars of the Entrepreneurship Program

  • Academic

  • Experiential

  • Economic Development


The Certificate program is the academic keystone for the newly launched program.  The University-wide certificate in Entrepreneurship launched in the Spring of 2016. For the first time students from any College within the University can apply to be a part of the program to receive the Entrepreneurship Certificate. With a total of 15-hours of coursework, the certificate is targeted to any student who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur.


Fifteen hours of approved coursework is required to complete the certificate. Courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Elective hours can be applied towards both the certificate and graduation requirements as appropriate for each major/minor. Application and acceptance to the program is also required.


  • ENTR 5500 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • ENTR 5505 Entrepreneurial Finance

  • ENTR 5525 Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture


  • Click HERE to view elective courses listed by College.

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The Entrepreneurship Program serves students by providing students with "hands-on" opportunities in Entrepreneurship as well as University-wide resources for on-campus startups.

Economic Development

The Entrepreneurship Program also aims to provide resources for the University community including students, faculty, alumni and friends that lead to the launching of successful business ventures.

  • Awarded $41,700 in seed funding through the Kickstart Fund to student run organizations in 2018-2019.

  • Paid Internships & Employment Opportunities

  • Connecting Students with local & regional business incubators

  • Facilitating connections to local startups for internship, employment & research opportunities

As someone constantly focused on improvement, both personally and in the collective organizations I’m a part of, I find the bold vision set by those in the entrepreneurship programs here at UGA immensely inspiring.
— Will Arnow, freshman class of '23
They helped me understand starting a business isn’t as intimidating as it seems to be...I was educated on how I wanted to start my business, and the certificate helped me take my idea and know how to navigate it. It was cool that like-minded people could collaborate and bring in perspectives on someone else’s business.
— Kristi Frank, BBA Marketing and former Society of Entrepreneurs President '17
The Entrepreneurship program gifted a skillset to make my ideations reality.
— Trey Sinyard BBA Finance, BS Biochemistry ’11