The Entrepreneurship Program is excited to announce the opening of the Launch pad: An Entrepreneurial LIVING LEARNING COMMUNITY in Creswell Hall!

Located on the 4th floor, the Launch Pad will welcome 40 aspiring entrepreneurs.  Students who participate in the Launch Pad will have roommates from the Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community. Incoming freshmen of all majors who have an interest in one day owning their own business or other enterprise are invited to apply to the housing community and receive:

  • Automatic acceptance into the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (provided the student meets minimum requirements)

  • Enrollment in the Entrepreneurship First-Year Odyssey Seminar

  • Complimentary membership in the Four Athens Tech Incubator  or another local incubator

  • Complimentary membership in the Society of Entrepreneurs

  • Access to  a Maker Space within the lobby of Creswell that includes 3-D printer capability, raspberry pi support, and other tools for prototyping concepts throughout the duration of your undergraduate studies at UGA

  • Internship opportunities with UGA's Innovation Gateway, Small Business Development Center, and other campus units


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Why are you interested in the Launch Pad? Do you now or have you in the past owned your own business? What's your next big idea (even if you haven't acted on it yet))? How do you plan to become involved in entrepreneurship and the local startup community during your time at UGA?